Board Members

Northern Lights Emmaus
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“CM” indicates a committee member (not a sitting board member)

Community Lay Director – Larry Maher

Community Lay Director Emeritus – Carl Barrows
Community Spiritual Director – Linda St Myers
Assistant Spiritual Director – Jan Toft
Assistant Spiritual Director – Tamara Roberts
Secretary/Communication – Dale Truster
Treasurer – Doug Lantz
Agape – Kristi Lambert Email Agape
(CM) Kitchen – Robbie & Barbie Casey
(CM) Information Mgmt – Greg Conrad
Music Coordinator – Andy Garitson
(CM) Good Shepherd/Outreach – Donna Walker & Kathy Edwards
(CM) Logistics – Dave Wilson
Gatherings – All of us
Registrar – David Martin
Team Selection/Sponsorship – Open
Chrysalis Relations  – Jim Singer


Chrysalis Committee

Chrysalis Chairman:  Mike Wages
Chrysalis Spiritual Director:  Penny Stacy
Chrysalis Treasurer: **Lelia Brandt
Chrysalis Team Selection: Open on Board Input
Chrysalis Registrar: Jenny Harris
Chrysalis Facilities & Set Up: Mike Harris
Chrysalis Literature: Karen Doerflein
Chrysalis Music:  Open
Chrysalis Rushes: **Elizabeth McCollum, Jenny Harris
Chrysalis Secretary & Communications: Elizabeth McCollum
Chrysalis Background Checks: Lelia Brandt
Chrysalis Emmaus Liason: Mike Wages
Chrysalis Member at Large:  Lisa Mullins