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Join us for a COOK OUT, IN-PERSON, FULL PRAISE TEAM at our Monthly Gathering Saturday, July 17 & August 7 at 6pm EST. at Monroe UMC.
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We are accepting Pilgrim applications for the Fall 2021 Men’s and Women’s Walks.

Men’s Walk #35 & Women’s Walk #44 will be September 16-19 and September 23-26, 2021 (moved from April 15-18 and April 22-25, 2021) at Camp Campbell Gard

We are accepting Caterpillar applications for the Winter Flights (Jan & Feb 2022)
The June 5-7, 2021 Combined Flights have been canceled.  

Remember your first 4th day and your desire to share the Emmaus experience with others?  This is your chance to again share the Love of God with others. Simply ask our Heavenly Father to lay a person’s name on your heart to ask – then take action!

Applications can be submitted online or downloaded from the Forms tab.

Northern Lights Emmaus

Upper Room Walk to Emmaus
Upper Room Walk to Emmaus

The Gospel of Luke tells the story of the resurrected Christ appearing to two men walking on the road between Jerusalem and the small town of Emmaus. The two were discussing the events of the last few days when a stranger joined them. He explained to them the scriptures and how it was ordained that the Christ would suffer before entering his glory. The two enjoyed his company so much that when they reached their destination they asked him to join them for supper. He agreed. When he took the bread, he blessed it and gave it to them. Then their eyes were opened and they recognized him as the risen Christ and he disappeared from their sight. Overjoyed, they rushed back to Jerusalem to tell the others. (Luke 24:13-35)

This story provides the background for the Emmaus Weekend, a program sponsored by the Upper Room. The Emmaus brochure puts it best: “The Walk to Emmaus is a three-day experience which takes a New Testament look at Christianity as a lifestyle. It is a highly structured weekend designed to strengthen and renew the faith of Christian people, and through them their families, congregations and the world in which they live. Emmaus is a combined effort of laity and clergy toward the renewal of the church.”

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Monthly Gatherings

Join us for a COOK OUT, IN-PERSON, FULL PRAISE TEAM at our Monthly Gathering Saturday, July 17 & August 7 at 6pm EST. at Monroe UMC.
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We have openings for 2021 Board members.  Please contact us!

The Northern Lights Emmaus Community meets every month, usually  the second Saturday, for food, worship, Holy Communion, and fellowship. This is a great way to introduce your friends to the Emmaus Community as everyone is always welcome to attend a monthly Gathering. No childcare is provided during the service. Please bring a covered dish to share and a 2 liter drink. Wear your name tags! Hope to see you all there.

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To participate in an active prayer vigils elsewhere around the world:

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